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We use love and wisdom to bring happiness to the family.

In the field of child education, it is crucial to have both Chinese and foreign research theories combine together to promote successful family education. At J&M, children's cognitive psychology experts, and brain science experts are gathered to direct and solve educational challenges. We promote the scientific and intelligent family education to build a harmonious and happy family.

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Happy Family Academy

How to make children to become more focused? How to cultivate children's thinking skills? What to do if the child is shy from others? Numerous scientific studies have proved that the traditional Chinese way of taking care the children seem to be unable to solve these problems, but instead create obstacles to the development of children's character and talents.

Join Smart Parents Salon you will:

·       Understand the rules of children's growth at various stages and teach them more scientifically.

·       Learn methods to support children's active learning skills so that children are not anxious all the time.

·       Learn strategies to support your child’s development of a good character.

·       Learn how to cultivate the core capabilities of outstanding children, and let the children become more confident

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J&M brings family, school and community together to create a positive and harmonious environment for children.

In the our Happy Family Party, children learn to communicate, experience the joy of cooperation, enjoy happy family moments, and face small challenges with their families.

Join Happy Family Party you will:

·       Enjoys family happy activities include sports games, concerts, kite flying, and Trick or Treat

·       Build a respectful family environment and learn etiquette culture

·       Learn different parenting experiences and grow together with your children

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